South Beach Hotel

By way of an overview of our music see the set list below as performed by the Jook Joint Band and guests at the South Beach Hotel on the 28/5/2011.

  1. I want to be seduced
  2. Sanitised Blues
  3. Morning Blues
  4. She wouldn’t give me none
  5. Step it up and go
  6. My Girl Josephine
  7. Crippled Inside
  8. If you take me back
  9. Don’t sell it, don’t …
  10. Jug band music
  11. Jean Harlow
  12. Cake walk
  13. Wild about my lovin’
  14. Mama got a girlfriend now
  15. Squeeze Box
  1. James Alley Blues
  2. Maybe So
  3. I’m thru with you
  4. Shake it and break it
  5. Train
  6. Cocaine Habit
  7. Denomination Blues
  8. Johnny B Bad
  9. Fashion is a TV show
  10. Pack up your sorrows
  11. Going up the country
  12. Hit the road jack
  13. It’s all over now
  14. Move it on over
  15. Get Rhythm


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