Newsletter – April 2017

Well hi all.

As we come into the autumn (of life!!) we are looking forward to plenty of action.

We have a number of shows coming up and we are working on recording a new CD.


We were down in the rolling green hills of Boddington for the Boddington Music Festival just after the big rains that came through in February. The venue had to be relocated to the Rodeo Ground as the old school oval was flooded. The Rodeo “Hall” turned out to be a great spot- high and dry, well organised with great food and facilities, good acoustics with an excellent sound set up and mixing from Derek and the guys from Totally Sound. The place was rocking with fantastic performances from Tracey Barnett, Easy Tigers, Josh Johnstone Band and the Jook Joint Band! Those country folk know how to enjoy themselves.



















We are fortunate to be going back to Alan Dawson’s Witzend Studio to record our next EP/CD in the next month or so. We will be recording six or seven tracks. We have been using the recently set up studio at the Fremantle Men’s Shed in Beaconsfield for practice sessions. It makes things a lot easier when you can just walk with your instruments and have the sound system all set up and ready to go. There is even enough room to accommodate our oversized bass player with his oversized stand-up bass, Nick doesn’t even have to stoop.


We kick off a flurry of gigs on Sunday 9th April 3.30-6.30pm at the National Hotel in High St, Fremantle. (We are back there on the 25 June and 23 July.)


On the 27th May we play at the Arthur Grady Festival in the Fremantle Town Square so get down and check us out playing against the rumble of one of the West’s best displays of vintage motor cycles. And double your dose of JJB on the same weekend and come along on Sunday the 28th May to the Folk and Roots Club at the Mount Lawley Bowls Club where we will be squeezing in a bracket between some talented local folk and blues acts.


And we are then back to the Swallow Bar on the 18 June for some more music, food, excessive drinking (Peter has taken this role over from Paul) and general congeniality and mayhem.

Looking forward to catching up with you at one or more of our upcoming gigs.


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