• Newsletter May 2014

    Amazing how fast the year is going – a blink of the eye and we are into May already.  Jook Joint Band hasn’t been dormant and we have a few gigs coming up on the horizon.

    FREMANTLE HERITAGE FESTIVAL – Arthur Grady Historical Ride

    Saturday 10th. We play 2 sets… 1pm and 2pm.

    Come along and join the fun.  It’s a great gig – we love playing here as it has a nostalgic feel… suits our style of music to a tee!


    We won’t even get time to unpack our instruments as we are back on stage on Sunday 11th May. This time at the Hotel Scottalian – uptown Bindoon.

    JJB play from 1.00pm

    It’s Mother’s Day, so why not give your mother/ sister/ girlfriend a treat and take a drive out of the big smoke to Bindoon for a fantastic lunch AND some fine Jook Joint Band tunes for dessert …because “Jug Band Music… Sounds Sweet To Me!”


    Saturday 14th June, 9pm -11pm.

    Our favourite pub in Freo is calling and it’s been a long time between drinks at the SBH.

    We are keen to make a big night of it.  It’s always a fantastic opportunity for everyone to catch up, socialise, boogie to a few jug band tunes and even grab a drink or two.

    Last time we played the South Beach, it was standing room only.

    As an extra treat Bill has organised a bulk booking for part of the dining room before the gig. There will be about 20 seats available.

    The South Beach has built a reputation for their good food so can we suggest you phone or text Bill on 0411 134 808 to confirm your place at the table of plenty. The kitchen will take orders from 6.00 to about 8.30pm. JJB will kick off at about 9.00pm.

    Love to share the night with you!!

    Belmont City – Autumn River Festival

    RADIO PLAY … Over the past 3 months our music has gone out to digital, online and community radio stations across Australia.

    We just had feedback that we have had over 100 plays recently and that’s good for Gliding Penguins everywhere!

    The clip is at :


  • “Gliding Penguins” New Video


    GLOBAL WARMING… Penguins flight for survival!

    Scientists have confirmed that the melting polar ice caps means the world’s penguin population is under threat of extinction.

    A research project is underway to teach penguins how to fly.

    Scientist working on the project believe that by learning to fly, penguins may have a slim chance of surviving the ravishes of Global Warming.

    Reliable sources have divulged to our reporters penguins in the research group are being fed a strict diet of flying fish, to assist in genetically modify their wing biomechanics and in order that they will develop the capacity to fly.

    Sources also confirm that no performance enhancing substances are being used in the program.

    Rumours of the penguin project started after a number of sightings of birds resembling penguins were reported along the southern Australian coastlines

    For more information about these sightings go to:


    Sittin’ on the grass looking up at the sky
    saw a bird fly by
    My God it’s a penguin gliding high in the sky

    How can this be I’m not off my tree
    but it is what I see My god
    a penguin gliding high in the sky

    I turn away to check my reality I look back and there it is hanging sliding gliding through the air waves – it shouldn’t exist that penguin gliding high in the sky

    I question my perception query my existence
    but I cannot deny Yeah that penguin gliding high in the sky

    Sittin’ on the grass looking up at the sky
    saw a bird fly by
    My God it’s a penguin gliding high in the sky
    My God it’s a penguin gliding high in the sky
    My God it’s a penguin gliding high in the sky
    Flying way up high

  • Newsletter August 2013

    The Jook Joint Band had their ‘Jookbox Music’ CD release at the South Beach Hotel on the 18 May. There was a good turnout with plenty making it for a meal beforehand. The show started out with a bracket of favourites then slipped into all the songs off the CD. Then we finished up the night with some get down get dirty dancing blues. It was great to get such a positive reaction to our original material off the CD. It lets us know we are heading in the right direction. Thanks everyone for coming along and supporting the band at this seminal gig for the band.

    JJB followed up the next week with a charity gig, the Great Gatsby Gala Ball, for the Rachael Doherty Foundation. This was held at the Hackett Hall Gallery which forms part of the WA Museum. It was a great gig with an appreciative audience dressed in all their finery of the 20’s & 30’s – I have never seen so many fur coats in one place before. The Foundation raised over $30k from the evening and was a great success. All the monies go to assisting cancer patients and their families.

    The Hackett Hall Gallery was without doubt the most impressive room the band has ever played in – check out some of the photos on our website and the Rachael Doherty Foundation. The hall also houses various dinosaur displays so the boys felt right at home. In fact I overheard one punter point at Pete and say “that that display looks very lifelike”- Birchy was only slightly miffed (I think he appreciated that they thought he looked lifelike).

    The next week JJB played at the Arthur Grady Motor Cycle Ride & Fair on a sunny Saturday afternoon in Kings Square Fremantle. There was a good crowd out to see the fantastic range of restored vintage and latter day motor bikes. There were so many bikes on display that they had to limit the number that went on the traditional ride around the town. We managed to attract a chunk of the passing crowd and sold a few CD’s that day.

    If you are interested in getting hold of our new CD ‘Jookbox Music’, you can pick it up from Mills Records in Fremantle, Planet Music in Mount Lawley and at one of our gigs. Also you can go to our website, www.jookjointband.com for a sample of a few of the songs.

    Once again it seems that the holiday season is upon us. Pas is taking off to the USA for a well earned holiday and Pete is away to Europe for an extended vacation. So to some standing commitments we were fortunate enough to get the good services and company of Nic Glorie back for a while. I think Nic has been secretly shadowing the JJB, as at practice the other night we were all astounded how quickly he recalled all of the songs from our set list.

    Anyway all, it’ll be a few months yet before we play again in the metro area. We have a few country commitments which include Mukinbudin Spring Festival, The Waroona Show and then back to Perth with the Canning Show. After that we are free so if you want us at a venue near you let us know and we’ll see what we can arrange.

    Also we are always on the lookout for new songs. So if you hear a song that you think would suit our style of music or one that could be rearranged to the inimitable JJB jug band/ dancing blues style please feel free to email us.


  • “Jookbox Music” CD Launch

    The Jook Joint Band has something for you. Something you have been waiting for, something to get you excited, something to share with your friends. Yes they are bringing out a new CD. And you are invited to their CD launch. How good is that?

    Well – taking a step back from the hard sell we are looking forward to seeing you all down at the South Beach Hotel (previously known as The Davilak), 398 South Terrace South Fremantle on Saturday night on the 18 May.

    As an extra treat Bill has organised a bulk booking of the dining room before the gig. There will be 30+ seats available for friends and fans to eat before the gig. The South Beach has built a reputation for their good food so get in early and phone or text Bill on 0411 134 808 to confirm your place at the table of plenty. The kitchen will take orders from 6.00 to about 7.30pm. JJB will kick off at about 9.00pm.

    Many of you probably have no idea just what goes into getting an album together. So… the band practices and practices. The band then brings the music and puts themselves in the hands of the music producer/studio. We were fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Pete Grandison of Shanghai Twang Studio. Pete is great to work with, what an ear that man has. He loves music and it shows. Many thanks to Pete for the experience and for his input and skills which went into making the CD.

    The next step was getting the photo shoot done. Clancy’s Fish Pub graciously made the pub available for the shoot and gave us access early one Sunday morning before opening time. And thanks also to Dan Bedford who got himself out of bed bright and early to take the photos.

    For your enjoyment and listening pleasure we have recorded four originals songs and four covers of some fine old jugband and traditional music on the CD. Paul came up with the tile of the CD “Jookbox Music”. The band nearly came to blows in deciding on the order of the songs – but all was resolved by way of that time honoured tradition of putting it to the vote. As with any election there was plenty of slander and personal vilification (but Bill has apologised to everyone since).

    Thanks also to Nick Le’Par for the fantastic artwork and to Andrea Panara for the graphics. Peter B did a great job organising all the myriad of things and people to bring it all together.

    We have been out and about playing here and there. Since the last newsletter we have played at the Canning Show. We had a full brass band on before us and burlesque dancing girls and magicians after us and during the show we were in competition with the fireworks. I think we won out over the fireworks as they have asked us back this year for both days of the show. We played a gig at Bill’s New Years Eve bash which was good fun. And most recently we played outdoors at the Perth Cultural Centre as part of the series of musical presentations put on by the Western Australian Folk Federation. That was a very pleasant way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon.

    Following up from the South Beach Hotel gig we will again be playing at the Heritage Festival in Fremantle on Saturday 1 June at Kings Square for the Arthur Grady Motor Cycle Ride & Fair. This takes place from 11am to 2.00pm.

    You can go to our Facebook site right now to catch a taste of some of the songs off the Jookbox Music CD.

    We look forward to seeing you on the 18 May at the South Beach Hotel.


  • Newsletter November 2012

    We’re back. Greetings from the Jook Joint Band. We all returned safely from our various trips away. Peter was off to the US of A checking out jug, jazz and country bands. He travelled from Nashville to the Appalachians sourcing out experiences and inspirations. He came back with some great ideas and some crappy T shirts. Sean & Bill were in Europe introducing a new audience to the delights of jug band music. They managed to play before a captive audience a number of times whilst floating along the Main and the Danube Rivers. They haven’t been invited back but, hey, they had a good time. Pas & Paul stayed in good ol WA and kept the home fires burning.

    We had hoped to get a new recording done in August but fate did not allow it to happen. Between sore throats and some heavy social commitments we didn’t manage to get any tracks down. We are hoping to get the recording done late January/ early February. We are looking forward to working with Pete Grandison at Shanghai Twang Studios and getting some of our more recent originals down onto disc.

    We recently played at the Waroona Show. We had a couple of sets. The first one went off a treat with the local kids getting into it and up dancing. The second got washed out with rain. Whilst all the local cockies would have appreciated the rain it was a shame it came on the district’s big day of the year. I would encourage everyone to keep a lookout for these district shows as they do offer fantastic local produce and some great entertainment.

    The next gig for the Jook Joint Band is on the main stage at the Canning Show at 8.15pm, Friday, 2nd November. The Canning Show is held at the Cannington Greyhounds site. We would love to see you there. There will be plenty to see and do at what is probably the second largest show in the Perth metro area.

    If you don’t manage to catch us there come and see us play at the East Fremantle Festival on Sunday the 2nd December. We played there last year and it was a real buzz. The festival takes place in the George Street precinct and is one the best shire festivals held in the metro area. Great stalls, great food, interesting and quirky local shops, and of course the local colourful characters of Freo all add up to a great day out.

    See you soon.

  • Fairbridge Festival of Music

    It has been a while since the last Jook Joint Band newsletter. We have played at a variety of different situations in the interim – the gigs have ranged from bohemian parties in leafy suburbia to playing at full on festival venues.

    We played at the South Beach Tavern on the 25 February. Once again we were graced with an enthusiastic crowd which featured plenty of new faces. We were able to introduce some new original songs and they went down a treat. I am not sure if people recognised them as new songs or just really liked them but either way we certainly appreciated the positive response. Many thanks to Stella, Nick and Paul who helped us out on stage.

    One of our next set of gigs was at the Fairbridge Festival of World and Folk Music. It was this well established and respected festival’s 20th birthday. The wealth of musical talent on display at the festival was fantastic. You really do get the chance to appreciate the musical abilities of the many varied artists in the 14 or so venues available at the festival. I was particularly impressed with the Chapel as a venue and want to play there sometime in the future. We were fortunate to get ourselves a prize camping area tucked away from the crowds but close to the action. We tried to isolate Paul (“the snorer”) Wade but the paddock just wasn’t big enough. Sean arrived with the smallest tent ever commercially made and was the butt of many a joke when he tried to get both himself and his sleeping bag into it at the same time (face it Sean 2 into 1 doesn’t go).

    If you haven’t been to a festival at Fairbridge make sure you put it on your bucket list as you will really appreciate the friendly atmosphere, great food, good organisation and above all the music – there is something to suit everyone’s taste. We had a couple of well received gigs at the Dining Hall and won over some new friends and fans. We sold a record number of CD’s (sorry I can’t disclose the numbers as that is commercially sensitive information and probably embarrassing as well).

    The most recent gig for the boys in JJB was at The Perth Blues Club on the 17 April. This was a good night for us as we had always wanted to play there. We only played a short bracket as there were six acts up that night. Once again we were able to experience firsthand the joys of seeing and listening to some great musicians. There are so many talented musos around who really deserve an audience and it is well worth the effort to get out and about to see them particularly when they are showcased at venues like The Perth Blues Club (at the Charles Hotel every Tuesday night 8.00pm till late). We are hoping to get back to the Blues Club again to play so when we do we’ll let you all know.

    That brings us to the present and we are currently hard at work getting songs together for a new CD. We hope to go the recording studio in July. We are looking to get down a few old favourites but will be giving particular emphasis to including our newer original songs. We have plenty of solid practise sessions to get them into shape.

    If you have any photos of the JJB from any of our gigs we would really appreciate it if you could pass them onto us as we want to expand our photo gallery on our web site www.jookjointband.com

    We don’t have any new gigs booked until later in the year, when we will be playing at the Waroona Show and back again at the South Beach Tavern, as a few of the lads have holidays and trips booked to places various and exotic. So until we see you again all the best and once again thanks for all your interest and support for the Jook Joint Band.

  • Newsletter February 2012

    Jook Joint Band and Friends….. invite you to join us….

    for a night of fun and frivolity…..

    At the South Beach Hotel South Tce South Fremantle

    Saturday 25th February 8pm till 11pm.

    Hope to see you there!

  • Bridgetown Blues Festival


    Since the last newsletter the Jook Joint Band has been out and about on the road and playing around. Yep we have been back to the South Beach Hotel on the 29 October and played before a good crowd who were out to enjoy themselves.

    We were almost upstaged by a couple who danced up a storm and put on a great show on the dance floor, they were a great act and everyone enjoyed their energy, verve and style. It was great to catch up with our friends and supporters, old and new. Everyone had a smile on their faces and were tappin’ their feet or shakin’ their booties and that is always a good vibe.

    Our next set of gigs was down at Bridgetown for the Blues at Bridgetown Festival. What an event that is. The whole town turns itself into an all weekend blues and roots happening. If you haven’t been down for a festival make sure to put it into your diary for next year as it promises to be a big one as it will be the 20th anniversary of the festival.

    JJB played at Scotts Tavern on the Friday night and it went off. There was a capacity crowd at around 400-500 – with about a hundred up dancing. It was loud raucous and rocking (in a jugband, dancing blues way of course). From the band point of view it is great to see so many bodies getting into the groves.

    Saturday was a big one for us as we played at the Festival Club which is great acoustic venue and is frequented by the serious blues aficionados (a smaller crowd that got into it after a bit of a warm up). We finished off the day at the Freemasons Hotel and that was a hoppin’ place. It is a tight little venue and we had a great time playing up to an interactive and close audience. It was good to see the Johnstone boys there and jivin.

    Our next and last gig planned for the year will be next week (Sunday 27 Nov) at the East Fremantle Festival. This will be in George Street East Fremantle. It’s a great place to take yourself and the family for good entertainment, arts and food. We kick off on the main stage at 2.15pm for a short sharp 45 minutes.

    We look forward to seeing you – so get down there and say hello. http://www.eastfremantle.wa.gov.au/uploaded/pdf/festivalprogram.pdf

    The boys from the Jook Joint Band – Bill, Peter, Paul, Pas and Sean just want to take this opportunity to say thanks for all the past and future support. It wouldn’t be happening for us at the same level without you guys being there and we thank you. See you up there dancing soon. In the meantime get onto our website www.jookjointband.com for our latest photos and music clips.

  • Newsletter October 2011


    Greetings once again from the Jook Joint Band. Since our last newsletter we have been on a bit of a road trip. The band took to the road and went to Mukinbudin, Bill took to Highway One and went around Australia. He always has to go one better!

    We played at the Mukinbudin Spring Festival last year and were looking forward to getting back there to play again. We had to fly Bill back from the Gold Coast to join us in Muka. It was touch and go for a bit as he just couldn’t seem to get himself off the beach and onto a plane. But the trip to Muka was well worth the effort and we weren’t disappointed. The country out that way was looking a treat after some good rains. The dams were full and sheep were fat and given good finishing rains the wheat and canola are threatening bumper crops. All a pleasant change after the past few very dry years.

    We played at the sports club on the Friday night and at the train station for the festival /street fair on the Saturday. Once again the people of Muka were really hospitable and made us feel like old friends who were returning to visit. We had the opportunity to see close up just how generous the Muka community really is when it came together as one to launch search parties for a four year old girl lost in the bush at one of the area’s rock feature locations which attract quite a few tourists and campers. We lost some of our audience but gained an insight to good ol’ country spirit and generosity. The young girl was found safe and sound so it all turned out well. Thanks from all of the guys in the band to the Muka community for a great weekend.

    Our next gig will be at the Waroona Show on Saturday the 15th October. We start the entertainment for the Show and will be playing the main stage at 10.00am. So get yourselves out of bed early that day and head on down to what from all reports is a great day – better than the Perth Royal Show and Disney combined.

    On Saturday the 29th October we will be playing at the South Beach Hotel in South Fremantle. We will start playing at 8.30pm so get your party dresses and put your dancing shoes on and get on down there for a big night of good music and frivolity.

    We have been fortunate in being asked back to play at the Bridgetown Blues Festival. This is one of the premier annual blues festivals held in Australia. This year we will be playing three gigs. The first gig is on the Friday night at Scott’s Tavern kicking off at 7.30pm. The second gig is in the Festival Club Hall at 11.45am. This is a great venue to showcase music acts and we are looking forward to playing there(admittedly with some trepidation) . We then kick onto the Freemasons Hotel at 8.30pm to get that ol’ jook joint jivin’.

    So we are looking forward to seeing you at one or all of our upcoming gigs. In the meantime get onto our website www.jookjointband.com for our latest photos and music clips.

  • Mukinbudin Spring Festival

    The Act-Belong-Commit Mukinbudin Spring Festival 2011
    The guys are heading back to Muka in 2011 to play at the sundowner on Friday 9th September and throughout the day on Saturday 10th September at the Market Day.

    Check out the Jook Joint Band’s website and see a video of us playing at the Mukinbudin Spring Festival in 2010.