• News – March

    It’s a bit of a heavy heart moment but Jook Joint Band won’t be able to play our next few gigs at Rottnest Gov’s Sports Bar, South Beach Markets and Rodney’s Bait ‘n Tackle in March.

    Our drummer and vocalist Pete, has just returned from New Zealand yesterday and as such he is now subject to the Federal Governments mandatory self-isolation decree due to COVID-19 Corona Virus.

    We are really disappointed of course but more so sorry for the inconvenience its caused for you and the venues that support live music.

    We will be in touch in April and hopefully they will be able to slot us back in the near future.


    Stay Safe

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  • News – December 2019

    Ho Ho Ho. Wishing you all a very Merry Xmas. Crikey – this one has come around even faster than the last one. But it is a season most of us look forward to, given the excessive eating and drinking that comes with it.

    Jook Joint Band has been out and about on the hustings bringing its version of joy to the community at large. We may not be Father Xmas (more like Grinch – me thinks) but we try and do our bit.

    We have recently played at the Freo Harbour Bar, the Pirate Bar and The National Hotel. The Pirate Bar was a new venue for us and it was a blast with a small but warm crowd. Our latest gig at the National really went off. The full house were screaming for more. We had the pleasure of being joined by the crew from one of the local dance studios. With their talented and enthusiastic dance moves they really helped set the scene for what was one of the most enjoyable gigs we have played.

    Pirate Bar, Mount Hawthorn

    We are rounding 2019 off with a gig this coming Friday night at Rodney’s Bait ‘n Tackle in Mosman Park (Stirling Hwy, near Glyde St, across the road from the Mosman Park rail station carpark – plenty of spots available). If you get there early, by 7.00 pm, you can participate in what has to be the best and most iconic fish raffle in WA. It is strange that a fish raffle can be so much fun! It sets the scene for a night of rowdy merriment.

    We have quite a number of gigs booked for early 2020 which we have managed to squeeze in between the hectic holiday and travelling commitments of the lads. But we look forward to seeing you this Friday at Rodney’s to round 2019 out.

    The JJB boys – Bill, Pete, Larry, Nick and Sean wish you and yours the very best for Xmas and the New Year.


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    Look forward to seeing you all up on the dance floor.

  • News – September

    September 2019
    Top of the morning to you all from the Jook Joint Bands boyo’s. Bill has returned from the emerald isle, green behind the ears and with a very suspect Irish accent.
    He said a visit with his 102 years young Aunty made him realise he still has a few years of Jug Band Music left in him!

    The guys from the band mentioned that they often get asked the question of the type of music the Jook Joint Band plays. The answer to that is the wind. Because whilst we consider ourselves primarily as a jug band we do delve into many genres- basically any song that takes our fancy whether it be kick or country blues, folk, rockabilly or old R&B tunes.
    We put our own arrangements to borrowed songs usually applying the jug band edge. So what is jug band music?

    Jug band music has its origins in the 1890’s with African American vaudeville and medicine show musicians playing their home made instruments in their travelling shows. Instead of using the tuba, sax and trombone they used instruments such as the jug, wash tub bass, kazoos and fiddles. The playfulness of the instrumentation such as washboards, spoon and jug allowed for an informal and humorous rhythmically bouncy music. The type of music varied considerably but began to morph into the down homey music that underpinned the basics of old time jazz, ragtime and blues.
    By the early 1900s’ the roots of jug band were firmly established in Memphis and Louisville and then continued to gain popularity across the USA in the 1920’s and 30’s. By then blues, jazz, gospel and ragtime had gone their own way and developed into separate (if not still overlapping) genres. As with all things jug bands had had their day in the sun and were overtaken by bands that played ‘real’ instruments.

    The USA had a revival of jug band music in the 1960’s with the likes of Jim Kweskin Jug Band. They played a combination of folk, jazz and blues tunes. Popular bands such as the Lovin’ Spoonful and The Grateful Dead also introduced new audiences to the sound of jug band music through a number of their early recorded songs.

    On the other side of the Atlantic in the UK the Brit’s were having their own jug band revival when in the 1950’s skiffle music started. This music was heavily influenced by the early US jugs bands and country blues music from the 20’s & 30’s. Lonnie Donegan stepped forward to become a best seller. The Quarrymen also had their start as a jug band (“When I’m 64” by The Beatles still resonated some years later with that jug band feel).
    Jook Joint Band continues the tradition of the those early jug bands and whilst we don’t play the spoons or saw blades we do still capture the essence using the jug, kazoos, washboard, harmonica, upright bass, stand-up drums and acoustic guitars. Many of the songs we play come from the 1920’s and 30’s exponents of the genre. We also give a jug band twist to the originals we write and the latter day songs we include in our gigs.
    So to get a taste of yesteryear (and the next big thing!) come along to some of our upcoming shows.

    See you down on the docks at the Freo Harbour Bar on the 13 October.
    Check out our web site www.jookjointband.com for full details of all our upcoming shows.
    Look forward to seeing you all up on the dance floor.

  • News – June

    June 2019

    The shortest day of the year is upon us- the sun is going down just after 5:00pm and the nights are long and chilly. Well the good news is, the days are about to get longer and the Jook Joint Band has lined up gigs at some of the hottest spots in town. But more details of those gigs directly.

    You may have noted in previous newsletters that the lads in the band have a habit of taking off on holidays often and randomly throughout the year. Well Peter (-san) has just returned from a trip up to Japan. Larry dusted off his surfboard and hit the waves in Bali. He returned calling himself Made and telling tall stories about how he surfed all day, every day, and actually caught some waves. We asked to see the photos but they haven’t been forthcoming. We didn’t ask Peter for photographic proof that he had in fact sighted Mt Fuji as he would threatened us with a five hour slide night presentation.

    Nick tag teamed with Larry and flew up to Bali as Larry was returning. He’ll also probably come back with tall stories of surf and excessive eating. Daniel Low, our number one fan and occasional roadie, is also currently in Bali and he will no doubt return telling outlandish tales of adventure and fine dining. Sean is touring the southern wheat belt taking in the tourist highlights, eating pies and burgers and drinking Carlton Draught. Not sure if Bill is in town this week, as he is constantly taking off for a few days down south and has just returned from sunny Broome. He has advised that he has booked tickets for Ireland so that he can catch his auntie’s birthday- she will be 102!!

    So between the lads travel adventures they have managed to play recently at the National Hotel, the Freo Harbour Bar and a Pavement Party in South Freo, which included should great boot scooting …we hope to see them all again soon!

    Coming up this Sunday we will be playing at the Swallow Bar in Maylands. Congratulations to Team Swallow for once again receiving well deserved accolades for being the 2019 Small Bar of the Year as voted by the people in WA! The competition is stiff, yet year after year the Swallow is always listed up at the top. So if great company, food, wine and beverages are your thing then get there on Sunday to see JJB or if you can’t make it on Sunday try out the Saturday arvo jazz session.

    Keeping with the small bar theme we are fortunate to be once again playing at Rodney’s Bait ‘n Tackle, another of Perth’s acclaimed bars. We kick off after Rodney’s Famous Friday Night Fish Raffle at about 7.15 on Friday 5 July – but we can recommend you get there earlier to get your tickets to the best fish raffle in WA. Have a bite to eat, enjoy a beer or a fancy cocktail and listen to some great music- what better way to get the max out of your Friday nights.

    The band is then playing a few gigs at The National Hotel in Fremantle before playing at the Pirate Bar in Mount Hawthorn. The Pirate Bar is a new venue for us and we are looking forward to playing there as it has a great reputation.


    Looking forward to seeing you soon.


  • News – March

    After completing a dynamic 2018 season, Jook Joint Band opened 2019 strongly…Tthe lads have played a half a dozen performances to date in this year and have some great gigs lined up.

    The rapid growth of new bars and taverns over the past few years has opened up many opportunities in the Perth live music scene. There have been many stalwarts over the years such as the Charles Hotel -the home to the Perth Blues Club, the Rosemount Hotel in North Perth (check out the great rockabilly on a lazy Saturday afternoon) and Mojo’s in North Freo- these regularly feature frontline acts. Then there are the idiosyncratic places such as Rodney’s Bar in Mosman Park, The Ellington Jazz Club in East Perth and of course the Swallow Bar in Maylands (any Thurs/Sat/Sun).

    These and many others have nurtured and supported the lively and growing base of blues, jazz and folk music in Western Australia. New bars such as the Duke on George in East Fremantle and the recently opened Freo Social (in the old Parry Street Fly by Night Club army hall premises) have joined in supporting and promoting live music.
    Also the number of blues festivals and concerts organised by shires and councils around the state seems to be on the increase. So the local music scene is varied and vibrant. Get out there and have a taste.

    The band played at the Boddington Music Festival in February. It was a well organised festival with a strong line-up of bands. Although I think the highlight for the JJB guys (and the lads from the Josh Johnstone Band) was the absolutely fantastic breakfast feast we were provided with the next morning. Our grateful thanks to Mark and Sandy Gordon for their wonderful hospitality.

    JJB were fortunate in playing a couple of gigs at The National Hotel in Fremantle- this is another venue that have actively supported a cross section of local live music over the years. We also played at a new venue for us, the Freo Harbour Bar at the E Shed Markets . That gig was a hoot – it was great being joined by all the visitors disembarking the Rotto ferries (each secretly smug with the knowledge that their recent selfies with a quokka were going to be the next big thing on Facebook). We enjoyed some great people, great pizza and yet another fantastic sunset with the Fremantle docks as the backdrop. It’s a good arvo outing – visit the markets, easy parking, plenty of food and great music. We are looking forward to playing there again on Saturday the 2nd June and again for a few dates at the end of the year.

    We also played at the South Beach Sunset Markets. It was a bit windy with a howling Freo Doctor for the earlier part of the gig. But it was a good crowd and where better to play (and eat) than a place where you are surrounded by twenty of the best food trucks Perth has to offer and yet another stunning Indian Ocean sunset.

    We will be playing at Yagan Square in central Perth this Friday night at 7.30pm as part of the WAM Beats and Bites event. Looking forward to the opportunity to amaze a new, unfamiliar and unprepared audience with the finger clickin, leg slappin, high kickin , dance music that we are gunna give to them.
    Come along for some fun – get a selfie with a startled audience member. See you there!


  • News – December 2018

    December 2018

    Hello, Hello –hope your world is treating you fine. 2018 is coming to a close and another Xmas and New Year are soon to be celebrated. To get you into the partying mood for the Xmas break- present yourself front and centre on the dance floor at one of JJB’s upcoming gigs. What better way than that to warm up for the silly season. Christmas is for giving so don’t hesitate to buy the band a beer. Also you can solve all your Xmas gift selection problems by bulk buying JJB album sets- you will thrill the oldies and chill the young’uns’. And any following gifts you give will surely be well received.


    The crowd at The National Hotel last Sunday were certainly getting warmed up for the party season. They were a raucous mob who were obviously out to enjoy themselves and they made a great audience. It is always good to play to a receptive audience. The National is looking pretty good these days and now boasts three floors of entertainment. The new roof top bar is definitely worth a visit as it gives you a perspective of Fremantle you would never have experienced before. You won’t find a better spot in Freo to enjoy a meal and a few drinks… ahhh the sunsets.


    The gig we had prior to the National was a fund raiser at the Fly by Night Club, Fremantle. That was on Sunday 21 October 2018. It was an honour to play at the Fly by Night as in its 30 year history it has become a well-loved musical institution and has woven itself into the fabric of Western Australian life. Sadly the Club has wound up and now finished (in its present form at least). So the JJB has the somewhat dubious honour of being the last band to play at the Fly by Night Club!

    JJB at the Fly by Night Club


    For those who have caught our recent gigs you would have had the pleasure of hearing Shane Bradshaw on slide guitar. We would like to thank Shane for his support and contribution as it certainly adds to the bands musicality and Shane has been well received by the band and audience alike. Hopefully at some time in the New Year we will be able to entice Shane back up to gig with us again.


    2018 has been one the busiest years for the Jook Joint Band. By the time we see the New Year in we would have performed a couple of dozen times in the year. This is a pretty good effort for a “garage band”. To take you out for this year please check out our upcoming gigs for 2018 as displayed in the column to the right.

    To kick off 2019 we return to The National Hotel on the 20 January and 24 February. In addition, on the 9 February we travel to the Peel region to perform and the Boddington Music Festival along with Andrew Winton, Josh Johnstone and Matty T Wall.


    Anyhow, all our very best wishes to you and yours for the festive season and the New Year. We look forward to catching up with those of you who can get along to our upcoming gigs. Thanks for your continuing support.


    For more information on JJB go to www.jookjointband.com  or  Like our page on Facebook to keep up to date.

  • News – September 2018

    September 2018

    Hello all , it has been  relatively quiet in the world of JJB in recent months.

    Bill joined the Aussie invasion of Europe which curtailed band activities.

    To his credit he spread the word of jug band music while there and tempted us with dreams of overseas tours.

    We have continued our regular Sunday afternoon slot at The National Hotel in Fremantle and have appeared in many selfies taken by overseas tourists. They appear to like the music but I am not sure what they make of the lyrics. What is Mandarin for ”I got the blues so bad”?


    We had another great gig at the Swallow Bar in Maylands. One couple were so taken by the music they were literally dancing in the street. The next day Sean and clan took off for Russia. Pity the poor Russians they have only just cleaned up after the world cup lager louts.


    In Sean’s absence the rest of the guys are learning new songs for our upcoming gigs. This Sunday we will be at the Perth Royal Show at 3pm and 4:30pm thanks to WAM (West Australian Music) https://wam.org.au/event/perth-royal-show-2/ .


    We have a big gig at The Fly By Night Club in Freo on the 21st  of October, this is a fundraiser for the club so come on down.


    JJB return like a boomerang to The National Hotel in October and November so

    if you happen to be around Freo, do feel free to drop in and say hello. If you need to cry in your beer you can do it between 5 pm and 6pm when it’s happy hour!


    Hope to see you all soon.


  • News – June 2018

    June 2018

    Howdy all. Good to see you are still with us.

    The boys in the band are only here by the skin of their teeth after surviving the droves of onlookers, fans, passers-by, hecklers, assorted small children and animals that came together to form the mayhem that is called the WA Honk Festival in Fremantle. We knew it was never going to be a picnic at the gathering of street artists and buskers but we didn’t realise it was going to be such fun. Those of you who attended the Festival in early April will appreciate the wealth of talent that was on display for the festival. We certainly enjoyed ourselves and picked up a few dollars from donations to THE hat. We used Sean’s hat and it was noticed that quite a few people initially stepped towards it but then backed off pretty quickly once they saw the condition it was in.  That hat was probably responsible for us taking 50% less than we otherwise would have.


    JJB at The National Hotel


    We were then back in Freo to play at the National Hotel for a Sunday session and for a well-received gig the Fremantle Heritage Festival last month. Thanks to Cheryl and all the dancing crew that come along and strut their stuff at the National. It is certainly a positive injection for the band when we get the dancers up and into it.

    Prior to those gigs we played a Friday night at Rodney’s Bait ‘n Tackle in Mosman Park. That is a rockin little venue and definitely one of the quirkier decorated bars in Perth. We all enjoy playing there not only for the good beer and the vibrant atmosphere but we also get a sound engineer to set up the PA system and adjust the sound levels etc. And those of you who get out and about to live music shows will appreciate the difference a good sound makes to a venue.

    We also had a gig at the Swallow Bar in Maylands and once again enjoyed the enthusiastic crowd, a very nice meal and a fine bottle of red. We look forward to playing there again in September.


    Peter and Bill recently crossed paths whilst separately trekking in on and around the Murray River region in SA and Vic. Peter returned to Perth briefly before taking a trip to Bali to recover from the experience. And now Bill is off visiting the wilds of Europe, both east and west, whilst Larry has embarked on a road trip to central Australia (watch out for the dingoes). You can be sure they’ll both return with some tall stories to tell. Sean leaves on a trip to explore the ruins of post soccer World Cup Russia in September. Thank god we have Nick holding the fort.

    In between the playing, practising and traveling around the place we were fortunate to have Nicola & Juanet  who came down from Broome and took some great photos of the band, some of which you can now check out on the website.

    Thanks Nicola & Juanet, your talents and effort are much appreciated.


    We have got a number of gigs coming up so make sure you clear your diaries, polish your dancing shoes and get ready to cakewalk!


    For more information on JJB go to www.jookjointband.com  or  Like our page on Facebook to keep up to date.

  • News – March 2018

    Hello out there. It has been a busy start to the year for the Jook Joint Band. To date we have had about a half a dozen gigs, having played at the Swallow Bar, The National Hotel and The Perth Blues Club. We are fortunate to be invited back to these venues who are all active supporters of the live music scene that forms an integral part of WA’s society and culture and we feel privileged to be contributing to that in our own inimitable way.

    JJB at The Perth Blues Club

    We have had the good fortune of having Nicole Howard join us up on stage to provide her sweet vocals to a number of songs when we have played at the National for the last few gigs. So thanks to Nicole for her great contribution and efforts.

    We have a busy period coming up interspersed with various road trips and holidays for some of the guys in the band over the winter break.

    Over the Easter long weekend we will get our first foray into the high octane, dog eat dog world of street busking. We will participating in the WAHonk Fest! as part of the Fremantle International Street Arts Festival from 30th March to 2nd April.
    This is a huge weekend in Freo presenting many and varied forms of street art, theatre and music and we are lucky enough to be part of the mainstage entertainment.
    If you’re in Fremantle over Easter join the crowd and catch some of the music and street artist’s entertainment. It’s all for free! (though all the participating acts will be passing the hat around so be there and be prepared to part with some of your hard earned)

    Additionally, Josh Johnstone is part of the bill… for full details and playing times click on the link below:

    WAHonk! Fest

    Jook Joint Band and Josh Johnstone are both part of the WAHonk Fest! Closing Party line-up at Clancy’s Fish Pub. This will be a great party affair happening on Monday 2nd April between 5.00pm and 9.00pm.

    We encourage you to step outdoors into the world of live music and hope to see you all on the streets of Freo this weekend and /or in the bars and pubs that we will be playing at. It’ll be a party.

    Other JJB Gigs coming up!
    We are back at one of our favourite haunts, the Swallow Bar, on Sunday 29th April. Really love the Swallow Bar and after a bit of a wrap from the Lonely Planet, who mentioned our quirky Jug Band as a part of what’s cool about Maylands…would love to share a bit of Swallow time with you.

  • Newsletter – December 2017

    Howdy All.

    It is with great sadness that in late October Paul Wade, good friend, bass player, sound technician and founding member of the Jook Joint Band passed away after fighting cancer for the past year. He is sorely missed by his family and friends. We thank Paul for his friendship and support he has given us over many years. May he rest in peace (but more likely he’ll be cranking out the bass line of eternity someplace).


    We are rushing towards the end of 2017. We have had a stellar year with the release of our album ‘’Shake That Thing”, lots of local and a few country gigs and we also got some exposure on community radio stations around Australia. In fact we got to number four on the Amrap National Charts with “What’s The Matter With The Mill” so we were pretty pleased with that.

    Canning Show Awards Night…Glamping at its best!


    We have one more gig to offer before the end of the year. It will be at the National Hotel, corner of High and Market St’s Fremantle this Sunday arvo 3.30-6.30 pm. Come down and join us to celebrate the life of Paul and see the year out with a bang.


    At this stage we have just one gig booked for January and that is also at the National Hotel on Sunday the 21st.

    Then we are back to the Swallow Bar in Maylands on Sunday the 11th February.


    Look forward to see you soon. All the very best to you and yours for Xmas and the New Year.