News – October 2020

October 2020

With a community aroused and coupled with an economic stimulus the year continues quickly to its somewhat satisfying climax. “We are so lucky” will echo about the burbs as we look aside from our felicitous position to the less fortunate world. And we have been lucky, as for most of us life has returned to normal after such a bad start to the year with the virus disrupting so many aspects of our lives.


Jook Joint Band was quick to take advantage of the relative freedom allowed in the West and lined up some great gigs. Since the last newsletter we played at the Perth Folk and Roots Club. Keith and John organise a show the fourth Sunday of each month at the Inglewood Bowling Club as well as other gigs so have a look at their website and see what is on offer.


In August The boys followed up with a great gig at Rodney’s Bait ‘n Tackle. Those western suburbs guys and girls know how to have fun of a Friday night. There would have been more than half of the (restricted) crowd of about 100 up and dancing by the end of the evening. It’s understandable why this bar has maintained its position as one of the top bars in Perth as the bodacious atmosphere prevails and the choice of ales, wines and food is constantly top shelf.


We followed up that gig with a road trip to Albany with the excuse that we were going down to assist Nick doing a bit of work on he and Biddy’s place down there. We didn’t do much work as the weather wasn’t permitting but we did enjoy the hospitality of Nick and Biddy. Jook Joint Band played at the Albany Blues Club @ 6 Degrees. We were preceded to the stage by The Wayward Earls. They were a hard act to follow as they are a well-known and very talented local band. We thank the club members and the bar staff and management for their warm welcome. Those guys are lucky to be located in such a hot spot of musical talent and creativity. If we get another chance to play there in the future we will jump at it.

Last week we played at The National Hotel in Freo. It was like coming home. Daniel Low, our number one fan, had been salivating in anticipation of enjoying his regular chicken parma – and he was not disappointed. Thanks to all the crew who came along. It was good to get the support.  The National Hotel continues to be one of the prime supporters of local Western Australian music and presents a range of musical styles from cover bands, rock and roll, blues, original artists, duos, ska bands and of course jug bands (JJB). Larry, our lead guitarist, plays with Special Brew one of Perth’s pre-eminent ska bands, so he gets to play additional regular gigs at The National.


Our next gig will be at the Swallow Bar this Sunday. If you find yourself at a loose end come along. We will be playing from 4:00-6:00 pm. This is one of our favourite places to play…it’s intimate atmosphere is conducive to working oneself into an intoxicating frenzy which results in one indulging in fine wine and great food.


At this point we have a couple of more gigs booked to finish off the year at The National Hotel on the 8th November and the 13th December. Get down there and whilst you check out the band make sure you take the time to get up and see the spectacular Rooftop Bar.


We look forward to seeing you soon. Especially those of you have found it hard to shake the hermit like existence imposed/excused by covid.


Check out our web site for full details of all our upcoming shows.

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