News – March 2023

The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. As do the plans of the Jook Joint Band members. JJB had hoped to have had at least a gig once a month since the scourge of covid lifted from the lives of (most) West Australians. But life gets in the way of best laid plans as does closing down of one of our favoured venues the Swallow Bar and The National in Freo going Irish on a Sunday arvo.


Holidays were planned and rearranged e.g. Peter’s trip to NZ got flooded out and exchanged for a couple of weeks in balmy Bali. They are introducing new laws in Bali to combat the ugly Australian and others. Whilst this coincided with Peter’s trip his wife Anne assures us the Peter’s behaviour was exemplary (this time around!). Perhaps the reaction was in response to Sean’s Bali trip of a few weeks earlier as there are reports of the island’s wine stocks being drained dramatically in the corresponding period.

Larry has been off exploring the white sands of Esperance’s beaches. Bill has been trapezing between the mid-west, south-west and Rotto. He is like a vagabond with an itch. Paul, JJB’s erstwhile keyboardist and his wife, Lisa, graced the shores of Vietnam for a visit enjoying the culinary delights and congested traffic. Paul has also been seen in various mining towns in the northwest. We can’t work out how he finds the time for all the travel, music and work responsibilities whilst being committed to writing “Post Apocalypse:..” aka: The Dead Letter volumes. He is up to four instalments and there is no end in sight.


The band has had a few gigs since the last newsletter with one of the highlights being playing at the Bridgetown Blues Festival. We all thank Kaye for her warm and generous hospitality in having the band stay at her place over the festival weekend. We hope she has now fully recovered from our excesses.

A more recent highlight was a Sunday evening gig at the Pirate Bar in Mt Hawthorn. It was great to play before an enthusiastic crowd who were up dancing for each and every song. Thanks to Cheryl and her friends for their incredibly active support of the local music scene.


Pirate Bar


We have a few gigs lined up. We kick off with a footpath performance at La Chiquita Cafe Friday 14th April, Point Street Fremantle. On the 7th May we will be at the High Voltage 2023 (AC-DC tribute festival).

We then hit Fire In Your Belly for a rollicking night of music and frivolity on the 14th June. So we are hoping to see you all at one or all of these upcoming gigs. We will advise as full details are confirmed on our other upcoming gigs.


In the meantime get out there and enjoy. There is a whole world out there -make it your own.

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