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Are we there yet? In our last newsletter the comment was made that time was speeding up and the years passing faster and faster. Then we get to annus horribilis,  2020, and does it flash past? No. But the good news is the pace is picking up.

In the meantime the lads in the band have been whiling away their lockdown time doing constructive activities, or so they say. If you push them to give an example of those activities of the past five months or so- they’ll tell you truths and lies. You’ll be regaled with stories of instrument skills increased by earnest lessons and bleeding fingers, of reaching suburban nirvana by the practice of esoteric yoga postures (misguided forms of lessons past), gardens planted and houses painted (funny how it exactly matches in with the old paint job), and so on.

The pubs and bars have reopened for business, musicians are back playing and it’s time to get out and support those bringers of fun, leisure and pleasure. The lads in the Jook Joint Band have been practicing and they are about to get out and about playing gigs.

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Our next gig is the Perth Folk and Roots Club at the Inglewood Bowling Club at 5:00pm 26th July. So draw back the curtains, throw open the doors, dust off your dancing shoes and come on down and enjoy yourselves. Catch up with friends, meet someone new, sit in the corner and clap loudly or with one hand if you want to show off – we don’t care- just be there.

In early August Bill is seeking the warmth and is heading up to Broome.

Back in time for Rodney’s Bait ‘n Tackle gig on Friday 21 August…be there for the fish raffle, every Friday at 7. Next one is yours!

Nick is heading south to Albany for a few weeks at the end of August to continue renovating the grand old house (future tense) that he and Biddy purchased with the view of retiring to in the fullness of time. The rest of the guys are heading down there to give him a hand putting up a verandah. And we have been fortunate to be offered a gig at the Albany Blues Club (5 Sept) at the Six Degrees which is literally just up the road from Nick’s place. So take a road trip and come join us. ‘The Wayward Earls’ will playing on the same night so that is real bonus as they comprise of some very talented and experienced blues musos.

Then we are looking forward to playing back at The National Hotel in Fremantle on Sunday 11 October. And are booked for follow up gigs there in November and December.

Hoping you are all keeping well and look forward to seeing you soon.


Check out our web site for full details of all our upcoming shows.

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