News – December 2023

Wishing you all a merry and enjoyable festive season. May the New Year bring you, yours and all others peace, contentment and generosity of spirit.


2023 has been an interesting year for the Jook Joint Band, it started slow and built up as the year progressed. We played the High Voltage Festival in Freo and reportedly did one of the best versions ever of “It’s A Long Way To The Top”. But our fling with heavy rock was brief. Before long we were madly getting together a portfolio of Country Blues/Country and Western songs.


We have been fortunate to have had a couple of great gigs at the Honky Tonk Blues in High Street Fremantle in the later part of the year. This hidden gem is the Country and Western Music epicentre of Western Australia. Country and Western is an ever-growing genre and it’s wide umbrella includes rockabilly, country blues, hillbilly, gospel along with many other influences. So Jook Joint Band fitted in well in that broad church. But we felt we needed to include some recognisable country in our repertoire so we searched out a dozen or so new songs (for us) and presented them along with some of our regular jump blues songs to an appreciative crowd at the Honky Tonk Blues. We had the pleasure of playing for the Freo Dockers AFL Women’s team on their end of year knees up. The girls were certainly enjoying themselves. Quite a few of them are now firm converts to the art of line dancing.

We finished the year with a couple of gigs at the Blues at Bridgetown Festival. Once again, we enjoyed the hospitality of Kaye who welcomed us all to her house. Thanks for your generosity and good company Kaye. We all had a fantastic time at the festival both as performers and as audience to the many great acts showcased.

Jook Joint Band is looking forward to the New Year and will kick off with a couple of gigs in January at the Australia Hotel in Freo. Thursday 4 January and Sunday 21 January. This is a new venue for us so we are looking forward to having your support and coming to see us play, prance and dance. And as a new experience we will be playing in Mandurah at a House Concert on Saturday 3 February

. We are also playing at the E-Shed Markets on the Fremantle Wharf on 17 March.


Get out there and enjoy. All the best from the Jook Joint Band.


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