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Hello, hello, hello! It’s your favourite band, Jook Joint Band, here with some hilarious news for you. We have some awesome gigs coming up that you won’t want to miss. Seriously, if you miss them, you’ll regret it for the rest of your life. Or at least until our next gig.

Here’s where and when you can catch us live:

– 8 June 6:00 -9:00pm at Perth & Tattersall’s Bowling & Recreation Club, Plain Street Perth. Thanks to the Perth Folk & Roots Club for the invite!

This is a great place to have some fun and knock down some pins. And by pins, we mean the audience with our amazing music. Don’t worry, we won’t hurt you. Much.

– 11 June 5:00 -8:00pm at Pirate Bar Mt Hawthorn. Arrr, me hearties! This is a gig for all you scurvy dogs and wenches out there. We’ll be playing some shanties and sea songs that will make you want to sail the seven seas. Or at least drink some rum and dance like a monkey.

– 14 June 7:30 – 9:30pm Fire In Your Belly Fremantle. This gig is very special to us, because we’re raising money for a good cause. And by good cause, we mean our beer fund. We’ll be playing some hot tunes that will make you feel the fire in your belly. And by fire in your belly, we mean heartburn. Just kidding again, we mean passion and joy.


We also have some funny stories to tell you from our recent gigs. We rocked the house at the High Voltage Festival in Fremantle, where we felt like AC/DC reincarnated as we bashed out ‘It’s a Long Way to The Top” and ‘Jailbreak’. The crowd loved us so much that they threw their underwear at us. Well, one guy did. And it was a pair of boxers with ducks on them.

We also had a blast playing at La Chiquita Cafe in Freo. We are there again on 30 June 11:30 -1:30pm. It is great to support local music and be supported by David who is a backstop to emerging Perth musical talents. And by backstop, we mean he gives us free coffee and cake.

That’s all for now, folks. We hope to see you soon at one of our gigs. Until then, keep on laughing and living!


Please be advised that this newsletter has been written by the Bing AI. Yes truly. We are all hearing lately about how AI is going to take over the world – this could be the start. But I am sure of one thing- AI will never replace live music.

Pirate Bar


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