• Newsletter – December 2017

    Howdy All.

    It is with great sadness that in late October Paul Wade, good friend, bass player, sound technician and founding member of the Jook Joint Band passed away after fighting cancer for the past year. He is sorely missed by his family and friends. We thank Paul for his friendship and support he has given us over many years. May he rest in peace (but more likely he’ll be cranking out the bass line of eternity someplace).


    We are rushing towards the end of 2017. We have had a stellar year with the release of our album ‘’Shake That Thing”, lots of local and a few country gigs and we also got some exposure on community radio stations around Australia. In fact we got to number four on the Amrap National Charts with “What’s The Matter With The Mill” so we were pretty pleased with that.

    Canning Show Awards Night…Glamping at its best!


    We have one more gig to offer before the end of the year. It will be at the National Hotel, corner of High and Market St’s Fremantle this Sunday arvo 3.30-6.30 pm. Come down and join us to celebrate the life of Paul and see the year out with a bang.


    At this stage we have just one gig booked for January and that is also at the National Hotel on Sunday the 21st.

    Then we are back to the Swallow Bar in Maylands on Sunday the 11th February.


    Look forward to see you soon. All the very best to you and yours for Xmas and the New Year.


  • Newsletter – September 2017

    September 2017

    Howdy all.

    We are well rested, well-travelled and rarin’ to go. Some of the Jook Joint Band boys have been traipsing around the country (Bill) and others (Peter) have been viewing the northern lights just south of the Arctic Circle, the rest have been livin’ the life in suburbia.

    The band is gearing up for the release of its brand new album “Shake That Thing”. You can take home a copy next time you come and see us play. The album reflects the band’s blues and jug band heritage but also showcases the interpretations of those ragtime type songs as reinvented by the likes of Leon Redbone and Pokey Lafarge.

    It will all come together for the band when they hit the stage at the Swallow Bar on Sunday afternoon the 17 September 5-7pm. It’ll be oozlin.

    Following on from the Swallow Bar we are looking forward to a big Friday night at Rodney’s Bait ‘n Tackle on the 29 September from 8 – 10pm. We will be including all twelve songs from the new album in our playlist on the night. So you’ll find you just have to take them home with you -on the new CD.

     We will be back playing at the National Hotel in Freo from 3.30 – 6.30pm on the 15 October, 12 November and 17 December.

    We look forward to receiving your company at any or all of our upcoming gigs. Bring your friends, your family –hell, just rent a crowd and bring them. We would also ask that you support the guys by doing any or all of the following:

    1.       Forward our newsletter to your friends.

    2.       Buy a copy of  “Shake that Thing”

    3.       Follow us on Facebook.

    4.       Follow us on other social media networks:

    (Youtube, SoundCloud, ReverbNation, Bandsintown, Vimeo)

    5.       Tell a friend about the site.

    6.       Print out our content and share it in clubs and bulletin boards.

    Thank you for your continued support. Without you, JJB wouldn’t be possible.

    For more information on JJB go to www.jookjointband.com  or  Like our page on Facebook to keep up to date.

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  • Newsletter – July 2017

    Howdy all.

    Jook Joint Band has been to the studio and recorded its new CD. This time we have outdone ourselves and put down twelve tracks. So I guess this could be considered our first “album” rather than the three “EP’s” we have put out in the past.


    The album is titled “Shake that Thing”.  We were fortunate to have Alan Dawson at Witzend Studios do the recording mixing and mastering for us. We laid down the twelve songs with pretty well only one take each so Alan had his work cut out, but he did very well and brought together what some will consider to be our finest effort yet.


    Peter (he with the birch) Birch has worked hard behind the scene organising the graphics, artwork and production and we all thank him for his superlative effort. It’s no easy task co-ordinating the various contributors, artists and production people let alone trying to get some semblance of order from the other four boys in the band (hopefully he’ll ease off with the birch now).


    The album is now available. We are holding a copy with your name on it – so please pick it up at any of our upcoming gigs.

    Our next gig will be at the National Hotel on the corner of High St and Market St, Fremantle at 3.30pm until 6.30pm this Sunday the 23 July.


    A couple of the guys are away on holidays in August, so following  the National Hotel we will be at the Swallow Bar on Sunday the 17 September, 5-7pm , 198 Whatley Cres. Maylands.

    The food is guaranteed to be a treat and the great wines and beers will compliment. Also you can catch some great live jazz & blues there on any Thursday night, Saturday afternoon or Sundays.


    On Friday, 29 September we will be at Rodney’s Bait ‘n Tackle, 598 Stirling Hwy, Mosman Park from 8-10pm.

    This funky little bar with its fishing theme boasts an old launch decked out as the bar. It all goes to creating a relaxed and intimate atmosphere and is one of the most popular small bars in Perth. They are solid supporters of the local music scene so come along and support them and the lads in the Jook Joint Band.


    We then get back to the National Hotel on the 15 October, 12 November and 17 December. We love playing at the National as you always get such a varied crowd. Most of the punters come in off the street to sit in and listen to a bit of music and it is always gratifying to see the reactions from the young, the old, the family groups, the tourists, the jive dancers, the locals and the back packers – many who would not have experienced our sort of music but it certainly seems to strike a chord.


    So we look forward to seeing you at a JJB gig and providing you with multiple copies of our new CD so you can distribute it to family, friends and total strangers. See you then.


    For more information on JJB go to www.jookjointband.com  or  Like our page on Facebook to keep up to date.

  • Newsletter – April 2017

    Well hi all.

    As we come into the autumn (of life!!) we are looking forward to plenty of action.

    We have a number of shows coming up and we are working on recording a new CD.


    We were down in the rolling green hills of Boddington for the Boddington Music Festival just after the big rains that came through in February. The venue had to be relocated to the Rodeo Ground as the old school oval was flooded. The Rodeo “Hall” turned out to be a great spot- high and dry, well organised with great food and facilities, good acoustics with an excellent sound set up and mixing from Derek and the guys from Totally Sound. The place was rocking with fantastic performances from Tracey Barnett, Easy Tigers, Josh Johnstone Band and the Jook Joint Band! Those country folk know how to enjoy themselves.



















    We are fortunate to be going back to Alan Dawson’s Witzend Studio to record our next EP/CD in the next month or so. We will be recording six or seven tracks. We have been using the recently set up studio at the Fremantle Men’s Shed in Beaconsfield for practice sessions. It makes things a lot easier when you can just walk with your instruments and have the sound system all set up and ready to go. There is even enough room to accommodate our oversized bass player with his oversized stand-up bass, Nick doesn’t even have to stoop.


    We kick off a flurry of gigs on Sunday 9th April 3.30-6.30pm at the National Hotel in High St, Fremantle. (We are back there on the 25 June and 23 July.)


    On the 27th May we play at the Arthur Grady Festival in the Fremantle Town Square so get down and check us out playing against the rumble of one of the West’s best displays of vintage motor cycles. And double your dose of JJB on the same weekend and come along on Sunday the 28th May to the Folk and Roots Club at the Mount Lawley Bowls Club where we will be squeezing in a bracket between some talented local folk and blues acts.


    And we are then back to the Swallow Bar on the 18 June for some more music, food, excessive drinking (Peter has taken this role over from Paul) and general congeniality and mayhem.

    Looking forward to catching up with you at one or more of our upcoming gigs.


  • Newsletter – December 2016

    Notes From JJB

    As the year draws to a close, JJB has one more gig… at Rodney’s Bait n Tackle on Thursday 22 December, so the guys will be wearing Xmas hats and hope to see a few of you doing the same!


    Since our last newsletter we performed at Blues at Bridgetown Festival, we started off on a unfamiliar note by being told to move off the street by traffic marshals, as we trying to get to the gig by driving on a closed to all traffic street. Anyway, all good we had a driver move our gear in a golf buggy to the Bridgetown Hotel.

    The early morning crowd were great…even if a few looked the worse for wear from seeing too many acts from the night before.

    Later that day, after a sleep in the park for a few of the boys, we played at the Festival Club. It was a fun gig, but before the encore  Larry’s friend was asked to leave the venue for taking a few photos of us…we will have to get a press pass for Lynne next time.

    On the Sunday we played at Geegelup stage,  Bill had already booked a flight to Broome and was unable to join us so the four of us soldiered on; we took a bit of ribbing from our friendly announcer Di of Bridgetown…that we were masquerading as a jug band will no jug, kazoo or washboard that day. A small but enthusiastic crowd made for an enjoyable last set at the Bridgetown Blues Festival.

    So many great performance – we managed to catch Tex Perkins, The Vibrolators, Hats Fitz & Cara, Russell Morris and Juzzie Smith to name a few. A team of volunteers make this a very well organised event. For those that have not been before…do yourself a favour and get along next year.


















    This year our founding bass player and sound expert Paul Wade has had to retire from the band due to ill health…we wish him a speedy recovery and thank him for his years of service to the band. Paul has been instrumental in the development and continuance of the band and will be sorely missed. We offered him a gold watch but he declined saying he plans to get back to music someday soon.

    Nick Glorie, a former lead guitarist for JJB, has stepped back into the band on double bass and we welcome him aboard.


    All the best for Xmas to you all and thanks to those that have managed to see us at a gig throughout the year and special thanks to all the events, shows and venues that have invited us to perform and in particular to our friends at The National Hotel in Fremantle and at Swallow Bar in Maylands that have welcomed us ALL a few times throughout the year.


    Hope to see you at the Boddington Music Festival in February 2017!


  • Newsletter – October 2016

    The end of 2016 is fast approaching …Joint Joint Band is going to be packing in a half a dozen shows before it passes.

    JJB was in hiatus for a month or so while the boys were off conquering Rome, trampling NW Queensland rain forests and  trudging the sights of NZ and Tassie.

    Prior to engaging in the destruction of the Seven Wonders of the World, the lads were delighted to be invited back to perform in early August at the home base of Blues in WA – the Perth Blues Club at the Charles Hotel. It is well worth the effort to get out there on a Tuesday night to experience the world class local and visiting blues artists.



    Last Saturday we played at the Waroona Agricultural Show. We were set up  next to the Poultry Pavilion and once we got the volumes set to drown out the squawking and crowing we had those chooks a dancing. Despite the rain and wind the locals attended in ‘droves of drizabone’.

    Paul was unable to make that gig but we were fortunate to have Nick Glorie join us with his double bass. Thanks for helping out Nick.


    Jook Joint Band’s next gig is at the Swallow Bar this coming Sunday 16 Oct, 5.00-7.00pm. How could you do better than whiling away a late Sunday afternoon enjoying great company, superb food, fine wine and of course the dulcet tunes provided by JJB. There is now extra seating available due to the recent extension – so room for all. See you there.

    We look forward to catching up with you soon.

  • Newsletter – June 2016


    The boys in the Jook Joint Band have been busy. In April we played at the Swallow Bar ably supported by Mr Nick Glorie who jumped in for Bill (‘The Wanderer”). Thanks for that Nick -it is always a joy to play with you. The hospitality, great food, wine and beer and the receptive crowd made it a most enjoyable Sunday evening. We had some concerns when Paul our bassist decided he would start working his way through all the wines on offer but fortunately he only scratched the surface of the Swallow’s extensive wine list.

    arthur grady day 2

    Perth Folks & Roots Club invited us along for a gig at their monthly get-togethers at the Mount Lawley Bowls Club. They showcase local and visiting artists from a variety of musical backgrounds. So if you are looking to discover some of the hidden musical talent around Perth it’s a good gig to catch. Check out their website: http://www.perthfolk.org/


    We then went back to play at the Arthur Grady Day celebration as part of the Fremantle Heritage Festival. The weather was fine, the locals welcoming and the background roar of vintage motor bikes was sweet.


    Coming up we are playing at the National Hotel in Freo on Sunday afternoon on the 26th June. We look forward to seeing you up on the dance floor!



    Following up on the National we will be back to the Swallow Bar in Maylands on the 10th of July between 5-7pm. Be there to catch some good vibes and see Paul continue on his wine list conquering quest.


    Thanks for all those who have been able to attend our gigs (or wish they were there) and we hope to see you all at one of our upcoming gigs.


    For more information on the Jook Joint Band  go to www.jookjointband.com  or  Like our page on Facebook to

    keep up to date.

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  • Newsletter – April 2016

    Notes from JJB
    By popular demand the Jook Joint Band is playing back on Sunday 24 April at 5.00pm at the Swallow Bar – 198 Whatley Cres, Maylands just across the road from the Maylands rail station.

    The Swallow Bar has recently added an extension so can now fit everyone in. The food, wines and beers are all of excellent quality and set the standard for small bars in Perth.
    The music will be supplied by the Jook Joint Band and we will be graced with the presence of Nick Glorie on guitar and vocals who is filling in for Billy (“the Wanderer”) Johnstone.

    Look forward to seeing you all on the 24th.

    JJB april 2016